Navigating the Dangerous Cyber Jungle


“Compelling reading for all journalists” – IFJ

Online media safety is of the highest importance to the International Federation of Journalists. After all, the victims are often our members.

The IFJ is the world’s largest organization of journalists and our focus is on ways and means to stop physical attacks, harassment and the killing of journalists and media staff. In an age where journalism – like everything else in modern life – is dominated by the Internet, online safety is emerging as a new front.

In this new war, repressive regimes now keep a prying eye on what journalists say, write and film. They want to monitor contacts and they want to suppress information. For journalists, this has become a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Journalists are on notice – “everything you say and write will be taken down and used to track you and your contacts down.”

This merciless pursuit for control of online communications has considerably raised the stakes in the current safety crisis facing journalists and the media. We are living at a time of unprecedented levels of violence against the Press.

Now we need to master the skills necessary to navigate this dangerous cyber jungle.

‘Deep for Web Journalists’ is the tool to achieve that. This engaging book by Alan Pearce charts a path to online knowledge which should be compelling reading for all journalists.

It offers an uncompromising diagnosis of the perils of online communications and should shatter the confidence many of us place in the unguarded ways of working online. This book offers simple advice to cover our tracks online and ensure that journalists are not an easy target for online press freedom predators.

Read all about ‘Deep for Web Journalists’!

Jim Boumelha,

President, International Federation of Journalists

‘Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-surveillance, Search’ is published as an inter-active e-book by


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