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How to Defeat the NSA and Other Snoopers (aka Deep Web Secrecy and Security)


Available direct from the publisher price US$9.99.

The Internet was never conceived to be a hunting ground for law enforcement. The time has come to take back control.

Everything you do on the Internet – every site you visit, every image or file you download, every email or message you send or receive – is logged on a computer somewhere. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to worry. But this is not a perfect world.

Out there, someone or something is going through your personal data. From totalitarian regimes to outwardly democratic governments, there is a growing demand for access to people’s personal data. They want to read your emails and they want to know who your friends are.

Personal information is a commodity today. It’s bought and sold and analyzed, and then it’s used to profile you for advertisers, campaign organizers, governments and criminals, stalkers and trolls. But none of this need happen.

You don’t have to be up to no good to want to keep your on-line activities to yourself. Lots of people don’t like being followed or having their mail read. Why can’t ordinary people be anonymous, too?

This book will show you in simple terms how to:
• Travel the Deep Web
• Protect Yourself On-line
• Set up Secure Communications
• Avoid Unwanted Attention
• Blog and Post Anonymously
• Access Banned Websites
• Erase & Protect your Activities
• Upload and Download Secretly
• Hide and Encrypt Anything
• Buy and Sell on the Parallel Internet

Conrad Jaeger is the Techtivist, a prolific blogger at He also writes a weekly column for on counter-surveillance and other security and freedom issues.

Available direct from the publisher price US$9.99.

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